Residential Tinting

Residential Window Tinting

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Many people seek a home with lots of windows because they allow light to flow in, as well as a view of the the outdoors. However, all that sunlight can be damaging to furnishings and can really heat up the house. Also, windows can be a security or safety issue during a burglary or storm. Fortunately, 3M Window Films can help to address all these issues because they cut down on heat from the sun, reduce fading of material and provide extra home protection. Prestige Series films offer all of these benefits without much alteration to your home’s look.

There are different films to address each need. 3M Sun Control Window Films can give you real energy savings and reduce the cost of cooling your home by up to 30%. These films can block up to 99% of the UV light that is so harmful to furnishings and carpets, causing them to fade. In addition, hot spots are reduced, leading to a more comfortable temperature throughout your home. Finally, glare is eliminated, making it easier to view television and computer screens. 3M Safety & Security Window Films are another beneficial product that acts in the prevention of crimes by making it more difficult to break the window and door glass in your home.

In addition, an added layer of security is provided in the event of storms or accidents. These window films come in clear or tinted sun control options. If you’re looking for something to provide privacy and a decorative look without blocking natural light, 3M Fasara Decorative Window Films are a great choice. You can customize your look from a wide variety of styles at a cost that is much less expensive than etched glass or other permanent alteration. There is a residential window tinting option that’s right for you no matter what your needs.

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We do not offer 3M Architectural tint / films for sale “over the counter”. The film is extremely thin, in order to provide the very best optical quality, so it is almost impossible for someone without experience in the industry to install the film and get quality results. We want all of our clients to be totally pleased with the end result, so we only make the product available thru our professional installation team. Also, the warranty stipulates that the tint must be installed by a 3M certified installer to receive coverage.
Although the film is extremely scratch resistant, it is possible to scratch the tint under unusual circumstances. Mild scratching generally does not require replacement of the tint but a deep and unsightly scratch may require replacement of the tint panel. The good news is that, had the film not been in place, you most likely would have scratched the glass…requiring replacement of the window. The tint can be removed and replaced quite easily and at minimal cost.
3M Architectural tints can be cleaned with any commonly available window cleaning solutions and products, including ammonia based products, such as Windex. Use of a squeegee or soft cloth is recommended. The interior surface is specially treated with an acrylic hard coat to protect the tint and provides for easy cleaning, without fear of scratching.
We will always try to finish your home in a single day. If you have an unusual situation, such as many French panes or an unusually large or complex installation, it may take slightly longer. Every effort is made to have as many installers as possible to complete the job in one day. Our sales representatives and scheduling facilitator will review the estimated time with you. Any special scheduling needs you may have will always be taken into consideration and discussed with you by the sales representative and the facilitator.

We set up our projects to use as many installers as necessary to complete the job in one full day, so typically one or two installers will be able to complete of the job very quickly and efficiently. Our installers are neat, quiet, and courteous. The members of our staff are in uniform with identification badges at all times on the installation site. We schedule jobs at your convenience and will make every effort to arrive at your home at the appointed time and complete the job within the promised time.

Energy Control Consultants, Inc. is fully insured. A copy of our Certificate Insurance is available upon request.

The warranty is issued to the original purchaser and is not transferable to the next homeowner.

3M Architectural films used in a residential setting are covered by a LIFETIME QUALITY PROMISE, direct from 3M. This warranty assures that you will be completely satisfied with our products for the entire time you live in your home. If the product needs to be replaced under the warranty there is absolutely no charge to you. All labor and materials are covered…there is no pro-rating.

Today’s films from 3M can last as much as 35 years. Realistically, windows in high traffic areas, such as sliding doors, or kitchen windows which get splattered with grease, may show enough wear over time to be replaced sooner. It is not unusual, however, that even these film panels will not be replaced for at least ten to fifteen years.

3M designed the films in the residential product line to provide as much clarity as possible on your windows. We usually recommend a slightly darker version of the film if you have large or high windows, due to the extra glare and heat from the sun. Most of our clients report that they cannot tell any visible difference from the inside…other that the fact that they don’t have to squint anymore. We promise that you will be 100% satisfied with our products and service.

We typically recommend that only the most sun-facing windows be treated. If some windows receive less direct sun or are under an awning or other shade, we will apply a lighter film to those windows, for protection as well as uniformity. All windows can transmit UV, regardless of whether they face direct sun. If fading protection is the primary concern and there are delicate furnishings or artwork needing protection, then use of film would be recommended.

In most cases the curtains and drapes will remain in place. If there is a special concern for delicate drapes, it may be advisable to have your drapery installer remove and re-hang the drapes, although this would be a highly unusual situation. Your sales representative can advise you on these special situations.

The installation process is very neat and odor free. Step one in the installation process is to thoroughly clean the glass and frames. The film has an adhesive already applied at the factory, protected by a covering, which you will see us remove prior to the application. There are no odors or chemicals used. A very small amount of soap, such as liquid Joy, is used in the water to lubricate the adhesive and allow the film to be squeegeed to the glass. When installed properly, there are no bubbles or any distortion. The film is final trimmed on the window, leaving a very thin, usually less than 1/8th of an inch margin around the edge. Although this void is almost imperceptible, it is a requirement of the installation process from 3M.

Towels and tarps protect the surroundings from the very minimal water used. In some special cases, such as wallpaper in the jamb of the window, or silk drapes, we use plastic taped to the area to give additional protection. Regular drapes and window treatments are not affected and usually can remain in place. Upon completion, the area and window is re-cleaned…we like to leave your home in better shape that we found it.

In most cases, the film will go totally un-noticed by your houseplants. Occasionally we find that the film is beneficial to certain types of tropical plants, as the window environment that they had been living in was simply a little too warm for their own good. The application of the film created the perfect climate for them to thrive in. The only common exception to this is in the case of African Violets, which need large amounts of ultraviolet light to thrive. Unfortunately for the violets, 3M Architectural films are designed specifically to eliminate UV in order to protect your interior. Moving the violets to an un-treated window for two days a week is usually sufficient to keep them happy and healthy.

The film is designed to be permanent, but strippable. While that sounds like a contradiction in terms, the engineers at 3M designed a special adhesive system that offers long life but can be removed at any time without any harm to the glass. We can show you how to remove it yourself or we can provide this service to you for a nominal charge.

Yes. Independent tests confirm that the use of film is harmless to dual pane glass. If the windows are new and have a manufacturer’s warranty, Energy Control Consultants, Inc. can provide you, thru 3M, continuing warranty coverage that matches the original manufacturer. Your representative will review this option with you. 3M has a vested interest in providing products which are safe to apply and provide long life in normal situations.

3M Architectural Tinting Film is applied to the interior surface of the existing glass. 3M is the only manufacturer that includes a UV inhibitor in the adhesive layer to give the both film and your interior protection from the harmful effects of the sun, so the film must be applied to the interior to receive that protection. There is no need to go through the expense of replacing the existing glass, as the addition of the film makes that glass into high-performance glass in place. For difficult to reach windows, such as skylights, we do have an exterior film and we offer other, non-film solutions should you have Plexiglas or other non-glass windows.