Government Window Tinting

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Government Window Tinting Applications

Window tinting isn’t simply a luxury anymore, it’s a cost saving measure bundled with convenience and style. Tinting can be done at a fraction of the price of etched glass, with numerous invaluable advantages that make it cost efficient and sustainable.

With ever present energy crunch, window tinting can save as much as one ton of Air Conditioning for every 100 square feet of tint. Save money by making the most use of natural light, without the distraction of window glare off computer screens. Tinting also helps to minimize solar hotspots, working to keep the entire floor at a manageable temperature.

By limiting the viewing area while keeping your own, and making the various “smash and grab” scenarios less likely, you can increase both your privacy and security. You can eliminate the high costs of graffiti eradication, by simply replacing the damaged tint instead of spending the money to replace the entire window.

Along with security, window tinting also grants piece of mind. In the event of an extreme weather situation tinting helps to minimize the amount of flying glass. Window tinting also provides protection in the unlikely but possible scenario of an explosive detonation, by helping to disperse the damage across the entire window line.

So like many facility managers in major TN companies, the facility managers in the government sector are hard at work finding ways to reduce their overall operating costs, increase tenant comfort and keep their people safe. If you are considering a window tint application to your building, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Do the people in my facilities complain about cold or hot spots next to windows?
  2. Are certain offices unbearably cold while others just across the hall are like an oven?
  3. Do your folks complain about carpets, furnishings and window treatments fading in the sun?
  4. Are you concerned that some windows could shatter and cause injury and damage?
  5. Are you spending money repairing graffiti damage on your windows, glass doors and other surfaces?

If you answered “YES” to any of these questions, then Energy Control Consultants can apply 3M Window Films to your building and help you save money, keep your folks comfortable and increase overall protection.

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