Decorative & Privacy Window Films

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Architectural Embellishments using decorative window film

Decorative window films allow designers to make the best use of space by utilizing a surface that would otherwise be neglected. Window films can include frosted or etched designs. They can be produced in color and in conjunction with faux stained glass appeal and privacy screening effects. When done right, a feeling of aesthetic precision can be relayed through the application of the window films.

Logos and patterns can be accurately measured up to 1000ths of an inch using special computer technology. These designs are transferred onto films which are applied to plain glass. These decorative window films create architectural embellishment which can beautify and maximize the use of visual space. Glass-walled conference rooms can be enhanced in both beauty and privacy by infusing looks of acid-etching or even sandblasting. Decorative window films can enhance the appearance of storefronts as well as corporate lobby’s in a spectacular manner which draws attention to and highlights a business’s purpose or style.

In the home, decorative window films allow light to mix with personal appeal to create a vision of radiance with an added element of privacy. Traditionally shades, or shutters would be used to keep out light that decorative window films serve to enhance. Unwanted heat, UV radiation, and annoying glare can even be neutralized by proper window film coverage.
By-products of this style of home décor on windowed areas include: added shatter resistance, increased privacy, protection of home interiors from fading by sunlight, and savings on utilities. Use of 3M™ Fasara™ films assure you of an attractive and lasting finish.

Energy Control Consultants uses 3M™ Fasara™ films for our graphics, assuring you of a durable and attractive end result.

Please contact us for more information or samples of our graphics films. Energy Control Consultants is proud to have been the authorized dealer for 3M™ architectural window films in the eastern Tennessee for over 20 years.

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