Commercial Window Tinting

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Commercial Window Tinting Applications
The 3M webpage outlines the benefits of window tinting. The company offers windows for automotive, residential and government buildings. You can click on “Where to Buy” to find a dealer in your area. 3M Window Films help to reduce energy consumption and protect government workers from danger. Details about the different types of windows are below.

•The 3M Sun Control Window Films reduce glare on computer screens and minimize solar hot spots. They can save nearly a ton of air conditioning for every one-hundred square feet of glass that is exposed to the sun.

•The 3M Safety & Security Window Films provide severe weather protection. They also prevent smash-and-grab thefts. These windows protect from bomb blasts and minimize flying glass.

•The 3M Fasara Decorative Window Films are a lot less expensive than etched glass. They can be changed easily to meet tenant preferences. These films give you privacy without sacrificing light.

•The 3M Daylight Redirecting Film redirects light up to 40 feet deep into your building. It provides more natural light and can save you up to 53 percent energy usage when combined with lighting controls.

The application of architectural window tint / films can provide the following benefits:

Reduce solar heat gain
Reduction of unwanted glare
Savings on your utility bills
Fading protection for your interior
Reduce the heat lost in the winter
Increase shatter resistance
Provide increased privacy
Protection against vandalism

3M™ has created a line of commercial window tints which provide all of these qualities.

Energy Control Consultants is proud to have been the authorized dealer for 3M™ architectural window tinting films in the Eastern Tennessee area for over 20 years.

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Installing window tinting involves no odors or chemicals and can be provided during normal office hours with minimal interruption of office routine. If there is a concern, special arrangements can be made for evening and weekend installations. We do ask that three to five feet of space be cleared in front of the window so that our crew can thoroughly clean the windows and apply the tinting.
Yes. Our staff is capable of professionally installing our product in situations involving anything from thousands of windows in a high rise office building down to the smallest residential project. Our trained personnel are dedicated to providing exceptional quality and service in all of our installation projects.

3M patented and introduced its SCOTCHTINT Film line in 1966. Since then a vast number of improvements have been made, including:

  • Clearer and more durable adhesives, exclusive to 3M
  • Laminating and thin-film technologies that prevent premature aging
  • Use of specialized metals that maintain their transparency and effectiveness throughout the life of the tint.
  • A unique “hard coat” that protects the interior surfaces and prevents scratching during normal cleaning.

3M Films, under normal circumstances, can easily maintain their effectiveness for greater than twenty years.

Our commercial installations receive a Ten-Year Warranty direct from 3M. As the Authorized 3M Dealer/Applicator in east Tennessee, we can professionally manage any sized project. We have worked with virtually all of the major general contractors and architectural firms in the area and will closely coordinate within their specifications and scheduling requirements. Energy Control Consultants, Inc. is fully insured can easily satisfy most insurance requirements.

We have installed our products on literally thousands of locations in east Tennessee. An installation of note is the 2003 installation of tint to the new News-Sentinel building in downtown Knoxville. View the case study here.
Energy Control Consultants has provided tint solutions to sun problems for commercial installations ranging from retail storefronts, an individual commercial office, or the largest high rise building. 3M has a variety of tints is suited for virtually any commercial requirement.