Residential Window Films

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Windows are an integral part of the home. Windows allow you the choice to let the sun in during the daytime, and can even let fresh air into a home on a nice day. While many people allow windows to let sunlight into the home, this sunlight can also cause furniture to fade. Residential window film can be the perfect solution for residential windows.

The windows in your home can be the most vulnerable during a storm, or if someone tries to break into your home. Residential window film can add an extra layer of security to the windows in your home also.

Sun control window film allows you to reduce the costs to cool your home by around 30%. Another great advantage is that this can also prevent the glare that you find on your television, or electronics when your windows are open during a sunny day.

Safety and security window film can slow the time that a criminal can break into your home. The windows will not be nearly as easy to penetrate with the use of security window film. This can also prevent accidents, and in the case of a window breaking, glass will not be thrown into the room creating a dangerous situation.

You can even find decorative window film that can allow you to add privacy and aesthetics to a window. This is often a popular choice in a bathroom, or kitchen area.


Decorative Window Films

  • Provides decorative solutions for shower doors, bathroom windows, kitchen cabinets and pantries.
  • Decorative flexibility: Choose from beautiful styles at a fraction of the cost of etched glass
  • Privacy: Maintain your privacy without sacrificing natural light

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Sun Control Window Films

  • Energy savings: reduce cooling costs by up to 30%
  • Fade reduction: block up to 99% of harmful UV rays to reduce fading of furnishings and carpet
  • Sun control: improve comfort and maintain temperature consistency from one room to another
  • Glare reduction: improve television and computer screen viewing

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Safety & Security Window Films

  • Crime prevention: impedes quick entry through windowpanes and glass doors
  • Severe weather and accident protection: helps hold panes in place to minimize flying glass due to violent weather or accidents
  • Available in clear safety film or with a tinted sun control option

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