Government Traditional Window Films


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Window film for buildings is designed to do more than just alter the amount of light that enters the building or the ability of individuals to inside, but it can also save the owner money as well. With the Government Traditional Window Film, it is possible to drastically reduce the amount of money the property owner spends on utility bills. This is because the Government Traditional Window Film is designed to reflect both UV rays and to reduce the amount of heat that enters through the window into the building. The less heat that enters the building, the less energy it takes to treat the air inside of the building, which in turn makes it far more affordable to run the monthly utilities.

In most buildings, the majority of energy lost occurs through the windows. This is because the glass is not as reinforced as the rest of the construction. It is possible to purchase expensive, double or triple paned glass windows, but this becomes incredibly expensive, especially for buildings with a large number of glass windows. However, with the help of the Government Traditional Window Film, the property owner can save money by going with the single paned glass window and then install the reflective film. This way, the heat from the outside does not transfer into the interior of the building, allowing the utilities to drop in cost.


3M Traditional Series Window Films

  • Reflective films that offer high heat reduction
  • Cost-effective

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