Government Ultra Window Films


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3M’s Ultra Series Safety and Security Window Films boast up to 42 micro-layers to resists tears. The ultra security window film provides superior performance in impact and explosion events to minimize casualties while maximizing optical clarity. The film comes in two versions: clear safety with no tinting, or combination safety and sun control tinting.

The combination sun control and safety film provides incredible transparency without losing its appearance over time. The sun control layer reflects up to 80% of heat-producing infrared light, so curtains and blinds are unnecessary. 99% of UV rays are also blocked, protecting precious furniture from sun damage. Glare and eye strain are significantly reduced. The security layer minimizes flying glass from smash-and-grabs, violent inclement weather, and other impacts.

Should the film be damaged or degrade in performance, the  warranty from 3M provides peace of mind. The ultra security window film is guaranteed to keep its visual, adherent, and light-reflective properties for up to fifteen years when professionally installed and maintained for commercial applications.


3M Ultra Series Window Films

  • Ultra technology offers up to 42 micro-layers of strong, tear-resistant safety film
  • Superior performance over standard polyester films in blast and impact events
  • Available in clear safety film or with a tinted sun control option
  • Great line of defense for high target buildings such as schools or other public buildings

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