Government Anti Graffiti Window Films


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3M Window films help protect you from danger and disaster. The anti graffiti window film is designed to protect glass surfaces from different types of graffiti including scratches, acid-etching and gouges. It provides a barrier of protection in elevators and on escalators, bathroom mirrors and glass counter tops. The film adheres clearly and firmly to glass, but it is very easy to remove and leaves little or no residue. Anti-graffiti window film comes in 4 and 6 ml. and 60” and 72” widths. You will not have to waste your time replacing windows because this optically clear and distortion-free anti graffiti window film helps prevent damage in the first place.

The anti-graffiti window film comes with a comprehensive warranty. You get a 1 year exterior warranty and a 10 year interior warranty. It comes in two thicknesses for graffiti abatement and is extremely effective at resisting damage from glass etching. You can use a conventional cleaning solution to clean it. A bonus benefit is it blocks 99 percent of ultraviolet rays. The website has a product simulator that allows you to view an image illustration of the product. There is a store locator box on the website where you can enter your zip code and find a store in your area. You also can contact their toll free number for more information.


3M Anti Graffiti / Surface Protection Window Films

  • 4 mil single layer clear film offers good basic protection
  • 6 mil multi-layer clear film offers increased protection for higher risk areas
  • Offers an invisible sacrificial layer to protect glass from acid etchings, scratches and tagging
  • Can also protect other glass surfaces from wear and tear
  • Helps repel intentional attempts to gouge, deface or destroy graphics and surfaces.
  • Helps protect glass from permanent damage caused by glass etching solutions.
  • Helps resist scratching and abrasion caused by sharp objects or devices.
  • Adheres clearly and firmly to glass, but can be easily removed leaving little or no residue when replacement is needed.
  • Great line of defense for a school building or school buses windows

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