Government Decorative Window Films


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Privacy can be a major concern in many offices. Finding etched, or frosted glass options may not be within the right budget guidelines, but there is a great option that can cost considerably less then privacy glass. It can be simple to use decorative window film to help make any window a private one, without obstructing sunlight from the outdoors.

You will find that decorative window film can be very pleasing to the eye. This is something that will often enhance the look of a window. There are different finishes that you can choose from that will allow different levels of privacy in a room. Each style will have a unique effect on the look of a room.

Installing window film can be very simple. It will take minutes to place the film on the window, and this is something where professional services will not be required. There are some options for placement and this window film can be used on both exterior and interior windows.

There are some great locations where decorative window film can be used to promote a more private space. A conference room is a place where a level of privacy may be needed. Private offices may be a place where a lot of personal information is kept, and this may be a perfect space for window film that promotes privacy.



3M Decorative Window Films

  • Design flexibility: Decorative window films are a fraction of the cost of etched glass, plus they are easily changed to meet tenant preferences
  • Privacy: Stylish and textured films introduce privacy without sacrificing natural light
  • Frosted glass finishes are perfectly suited for interior glass doors or the inside surfaces of windows.