Commercial Prestige Window Films


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There are several great reasons to choose Prestige window film. One of the most important reasons is that it rejects up to 97 percent of heat producing sunlight. In addition, more than 99% of UV rays are also rejected and these features help keep your interior comfortable. The Prestige line can also lessen the load on HVAC systems during the dog days of summer and help to lower energy costs. In addition, fading and damage of furnishings and flooring due to UV rays can be prevented when you choose this window film. Prestige window film is also highly recommended for those seeking more privacy while still being able to see clearly out of each window it has been applied to. You will also enjoy reduced glare which is useful in both commercial and residential applications.

This window film can be used on doors, windows and skylights and the benefits can be seen for many years afterwards. There is no glittery or metallic look to this film as it utilizes non-metalized nano-technology that makes it’s level of reflection lower than that of glass. If you have concerns about heat, UV damage, and glare, Prestige window film is highly recommended. This window film is available in four different widths to accommodate various applications. It is also cost effective and lasts for many years.


3M Prestige Series Window Films

  • The ultimate in high technology, offering clear film technology with outstanding heat rejection to create the perfect film for your building
  • Designed not to change the appearance of your building
  • Clear to lightly tinted, allows up to 70% of the visible light through your windows
  • Reflectivity that’s actually lower than glass

Learn more about the full line of Prestige Window Films.