Commercial Ceramic Window Films


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The benefits of window films have been utilized by property owners for decades. Ceramic window film represents the latest evolution in window film technology. While slightly more expensive than traditional window films, ceramic films produce a much higher rate of return. Businesses and homeowners increasingly prefer ceramic film technology as part of an overall energy savings program.

Ceramic window film can reject 80% of infrared light while blocking 99% of UV rays. These properties make this type of film the most cost effective method of reducing heating and cooling costs. The savings you will realize is completely dependent on a number of factors; desired building temperature, heating and cooling methods,and the surrounding environment must all be taken into account.

In addition to energy savings, ceramic window film adds value to your home or business through increased resale values, increased privacy, and even protection from graffiti.

Once primarily used for controlling costs in office buildings; the use of window films in residential structures has gained increased acceptance as a way of reducing home energy usage.

In this day of ever increasing energy costs, prudent home and business owners are turning to ceramic films as way to realize a maximum energy savings benefit for a minimum total investment. As energy prices continue to increase, the long term benefit of the window films will be increased exponentially.

Consult with a specialist in order to determine the overall benefit to you or your business.


3M Ceramic Series Window Films

  • Nano-ceramic technology combines excellent heat rejection with amazing clarity
  • Allows up to 50% of the visible light through your windows
  • Moderately tinted, providing additional glare reduction with minimal change in appearance

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