Commercial Ultra Window Films


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With 3M’s Ultra security window film you get a new kind of security geared specially for the Commercial trade. Though the film is extremely thin, cross lamination of up to 42 micro layers provides significant strength advantages. Our senses, reinforced with experience, tell us the thicker the product, the greater the safety. Simple physics tells a different tale.

Advances in armor technology demonstrate that when a two-inch thick piece of solid metal is easily punctured by armor piercing rounds, two-inch armor made up with 42 layers of cross laminated alloys is not only nearly indestructible, but also lighter of weight.

3M’s Ultra security window film for commercial use is as thin as single thickness films, but with the cross lamination of 42 individual micro-thin films has the strength to resist damaging ultra-violate light, weather, flying debris impacts, and even smash and grab burglars, while still allowing passing shoppers to view your products.

3M provides comprehensive warranties along with the only product that will hold together during an impact event securing piece of mind for merchants and shoppers alike. The film is attached to the glass frame, providing protection from flying glass in the event of any breach. Years in production, this product is proprietary and thus only available at 3M. Build yourself and your shoppers some added safety. Call for your 3M product evaluation today.


3M Ultra Window Films

  • Ultra technology offers up to 42 micro-layers of strong, tear-resistant safety film
  • Superior performance over standard polyester films in blast and impact events
  • Available in clear safety film or with a tinted sun control option

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