Commercial Window Films


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Commercial window films can provide a solution to many of the most common dilemmas. There are several types available that include decorative, sun control, safety and security and even daylight redirecting films. These window products offer several benefits, some that can even help conserve energy and save a significant amount of money.

Sun Control and Daylight Redirecting – Sun control films are effective for decreasing energy consumption. In addition to this, glare can also be controlled, making for a more productive environment. The light redirecting films are also great energy savers. These films can direct natural light for several feet, causing a lesser need for artificial lighting systems, making a huge impact on energy bills. Many commercial buildings can take advantage of the perks that these types of films provide.

Decorative and Safety and Security – Decorative window films can provide additional privacy. Individuals can still enjoy the view, with less visibility into the building. There are several designs to choose from as well. The safety and security window films possess multiple qualities, making them a great choice for commercial buildings. They are a more cost efficient solution to graffiti problems, can aid in the prevention of shattering glass under a variety of circumstances and can even make it more difficult for a thief to gain entry.


Decorative Window Films

  • Design flexibility: Decorative window films are a fraction of the cost of etched glass, plus they are easily changed to meet tenant preferences
  • Privacy: Stylish and textured films introduce privacy without sacrificing natural light
  • Frosted glass finishes are perfectly suited for interior glass doors or the inside surfaces of windows.

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Sun Control Window Films

  • Worker comfort: reduce glare on computer screens and minimize solar hot spots
  • Energy savings: save up to one ton of air conditioning for every 100 square feet of glass exposed to the sun

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Safety & Security Window Films

  • Severe weather protection: minimize flying glass due to violent weather events
  • Crime prevention: impede the quick access that smash-and-grab thieves are looking for
  • Bomb blast protection: hold broken panes in place to help prevent flying shards of glass
  • Available in clear safety film or with a tinted sun control option
  • Graffiti management: save money when you replace only the window film that was vandalized instead of the expensive glass beneath the film

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Daylighting Redirecting Film

  • Redirect natural light up to 40 feet deeper into your building, at a fraction of the cost of light shelves
  • Reduce your dependence on artificial lighting, and provide more natural light which has been linked to increase productivity, purchase behavior and patient recovery time
  • When combined with lighting controls, reduce your lighting energy usage by as much as 52% from your baseline

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