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  • What we do

Energy Control Consultants has been working with 3M window film products since the early '80s. We know how the products perform and how they can benefit you. Think of us as the Window Film Geeks. You may have a single window project or a weird and unusual project, give us a call because chances are, we have helped someone else over the years with the same problem.
We will be sure to use our industry experience, knowledge and skills to get the job done right the first time, giving you a peace of mind.
Whether you are a home owner; architect; interior designer; facility manager or contractor, Energy Control Consultants has years of experience helping find the right products.
  • Reduce Fading

The #1 reason for fading is cause from Ultra Violet Rays. 3M window films cut 99% of UV Rays.
  • Increase Privacy

Trying to create a seperation within a space or create a private area like a conference room? 3M widow films can do just that plus get custom designs too.
  • Cut Cooling Costs

By applying 3M window films, you can cut your cooling costs by up to 50%. Now that's a lot of savings.
  • Protect Family

3M safety films are designed to protect you and your family against unwanted visitors entering your home.
  • Curb Appeal

3M window films can turn any space into a completely different one by enhancing the interior design by using a frosted film or create your own custom designs.
  • Increased Safety

Damages from stormy weather, smash & grab attempts are a thing of the past with 3M window films. Protect you and your property today.
  • Reduce Glare

Without changing the color and appearance of the windows, 3M window films can reduce the glare in a space.
  • Reduce Heat

The sun gives off radiation that can heat up a house or building. 3M window films can reduce the heat coming through the windows by up to 70%.
  • Save Windows

Why replace the window and still have fading issues. Use 3M window films instead, they are less expensive and protect better.
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