Courthouse in Knoxville, TN Uses 3M Window Tint to Fight Heat and Glare

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Courthouse in Knoxville, TN Uses 3M Window Tint to Fight Heat and Glare 3
The architecture and design at the Howard Baker Federal Courthouse in Knoxville, Tennessee is visually interesting and brings the outside in. However, this building had an issues with excessive heat and annoying glare at certain times of the day. Our team was called in to look for a solution to the issue that did not involve covering the windows and the visibility. They wanted to reduce the heat and block the glare without making the space appear dark. After consultation, we recommended a 3M Window Tint called Night Vision to combat the issue. This window film will significantly reduce both the heat and glare while still allowing visibility out even in the evening hours.

Click to take a look at the final pictures and we think you will see that all of the beauty of the space has been retained and the issue with heat and glare was addressed.

If you are experiencing a heat and glare issue in your space, whether in a home or commercial space, we can help. If you would like more information about the innovative 3M Window Tint products that we offer, you can reach us by calling 865-947-3013 or emailing us at We would be happy to arrange a free, no obligation consultation on this innovative product and discuss how you can implement this innovative solution into your commercial or home environment.