Home Window Tinting – Why You Should Buy It

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Benefits of Home Window Tinting

Have you ever opened your power company bill at the end of the month of July or August and wondered how your bill could be so high. You actually know the reason, the summer sun’s ray beating down on the house and heating up the inside causing the air conditioner to run nonstop. You probably thought there was nothing you could do but continue to pay the exorbitant power bills. However, there is an option called home window tinting. Window tinting is actually a film similar to what is placed on car windows and allows sunlight to enter through the window but helps to keep the heat and UV rays from entering your home. Without the direct sunlight entering your home you no longer have to worry about carpets and furniture fading, not being able to use certain rooms of your home during the day and not have a pain in your chest as you open up the power bill during the summer months.

Today there are many options when it comes to home window tinting. No longer is there the silvery lined film you put on yourself that protects your home from the hot rays of the sun but also detracts from the value of your home. Today there are a variety of levels of window tinting. Tints are not just dark and unable to be seen through as is the case with many vehicles. Today’s window tints come in a wide range of light emitting tints that do not totally eliminate light from your home. You can enjoy tints that allow 70% of light into your home but reduce heat entering through the window by almost 60%. Of course there are darker tints that will reduce the amount of light even further. The decision of how much light and heat entering your home is dependent on your own preference. It is up to you to decide which window tinting you choose.

Another wonderful aspect about some window tints is they actually prevent the glass covered by the tint from shattering. This is a way to deter theft because when the window is hit it does not shatter eliminating easy access to an intruder. If an intruder in unable to easily access your home, it may not be a good target due to the time involved to enter the home. Weather is another reason window tinting can be beneficial. If security window tinting is used glass will not shatter due winds caused by hurricanes and other strong storms. Security window tints are also available in a large range of tints. They are also effective for eliminating light and extra heat in the home while adding invaluable protection to the homeowner.


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    We are trying to cut down on our energy costs, and it has been hard to do in this hot weather. I think window tinting would be a great option. I like that it can reduce the heat that enters the home while still letting the light in. That would be a lot nicer than having dark curtains keeping the UV rays out. I also like that it will help protect our furniture and floors from sun damage. I had never considered that benefit. Thanks for this information!