Four Reasons People Use Home Window Film

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Four Reasons People Use Home Window Film

Have you thought about having your home windows tinted to help with heat, glare or fading issues? Well, we wanted to share some information from an article we came across in Homerous recently that listed six reasons people use home window film. We wanted to list the four we see most often when working with homeowners.

  1. Save Money – By having tinted windows on your home you save money on cooling expenses. One of the key reasons rooms and homes in general heat up is due to sunlight. If you have a lot of direct sunlight coming into your home you’ll be spending more on cooling costs to counteract this. With tinting the amount of heat let in via sunlight is greatly reduced. This cuts down on AC usage and lowers your energy bills.
  2. Good For Your Furniture – By using residential window tinting you also increase the life of your furniture. Ultraviolet radiation damages your furniture by fading it. This fading effect is very strong and can affect fabrics, art, wood, and other materials. This can also make your home furnishing old before their time. Plus without proper tinting a standard non tinted glass window lets in up to seventy percent of the sun’s UV rays.
  3. Control the Light – With residential window tinting you have an easy to use method to keep your home from being too bright. A common response to too much light entering a home is to install curtains. However, curtains are a bit of a hassle to use. You have to open them whenever you want to look out and then close them to cut down on the brightness levels. With tinting you have no active effort involved and can easily look out while still keeping your light levels under control. Plus unlike curtains you don’t have to vacuum tinting.
  4. Health Reasons – There are several health benefits to using residential window tinting. Overall it improves the condition of your skin by reducing direct exposure to light which can dry and damage your skin. It also keeps your home cooler cutting down on the need for air conditioning; overusing your AC lowers the humidity of your home which can lead to sinus issues and dry skin. Lastly, residential window tinting can also help prevent skin cancer by reducing your exposure to UV rays.

We hope that you found this list informative. To see the full article in Homerous, click HERE

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    I just got a really awesome art piece from one of my favorite local artists. I really love collecting art. I usually look for local artist and I have a lot of originals. I had no idea that sun coming through my windows could hurt my paintings. I am going to get someone out here to give me a quote on some window tinting. I do not want my painting getting hurt.

  2. says

    I have very dry skin. It would be nice to reduce my need for running the a/c. It would be nice to save a little energy and keep my skin from drying out nearly as much. I will look into getting some film put on my windows. I will have to talk to my wife about it.

  3. says

    I like the idea of a darker tint saving you money as well as being good for your furniture. I’m thinking of getting it because of the cooling expenses. I’ve never been a fan of heat, the tint will make things cooler.

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    These window tinting screens sound like a good idea to me. I hadn’t realized that sunlight could damage furniture, but that makes sense! We have leather couches in our living room, so I guess I should look to tint our windows out there.

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    I had no idea that residential window tinting actually increases the life of your furniture! We have noticed that a few of our couches are getting really sun bleached, and we didn’t know how to fix that. We may have to look into getting our windows done.

  6. says

    I appreciate the information on window tinting. I agree that one of the best reasons to get window tinting around your home is that it can really help save money and reduce the amount of AC you will need to use to keep the temperature down in your home. My mom has been looking into get her windows tinted around her home, I will be sure to share this information with her.

  7. says

    I didn’t realize there were so many benefits from having tinted windows. It’s important to save money where you can and, like you said, tinted windows can save on energy costs. I think it’s something that, while it may be a cost up front, it should be able to save you some money down the road in energy bills.